BlogTO's Top 10 Online Beauty Stores

Looking for hand-crafted, all-natural beauty products made by native Torontonians? BlogTO has put together an awesome list of the top online beauty shops, and we've made it on the list!

Here's a bit of what they said about us:
Some of Toronto's top spas and nail salons stock this homegrown beauty line, which turns out sets of scrubs and lotions in quasi-edible scents like vanilla, pear and key lime coconut. (They've even begun dabbling in a natural-cream deodorant.) They brand's getting so popular, it just ended up on shelves at Indigo - but you may as well head to the Lovefresh webstore and give your cash directly to founder Stacey Davis instead.

Thanks BlogTO for the mention! Check out the full article here to find out about the other 9 featured online stores.


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